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Twitter Monitoring

We've launched some real-time visualizations of the data we are currently collecting from Twitter on election-administration related keywords.  The two visualizations that are now available provide summary statistics for the five different keyword collection monitors we are using:  voter fraud, Election Day voting, polling places, remote voting, and voter identification.  One of the visualizations gives the numbers of tweets that our monitors have collected hourly in the past day, while the other provides the daily totals.  

Currently these visualizations give information for all of the tweets that our monitors are collecting, they are not currently broken down nor currently filtered by geography.  

We'll be adding other visualizations like these to the Twitter Monitoring page in the near future.

Some background for this project is here, we've been collecting Twitter data like these for a quite some time.  We'll be providing additional details as the 2018 election season progresses.  

Ramon Michael Alvarez