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Monitoring Primary Election Ballot Returns

The June 5 primary election is next week, and our colleagues down at the OC Registrar of Voters (OCRV) have been very busy lately. 

Recently we have been monitoring the flow of ballots being sent to voters, and those being returned.  The OCRV has a useful Election Data Central website that is providing data on the flow of ballots, which we have been following closely.  

Based on the information available today, there have been 931,472 vote-by-mail ballots mailed.  In the graphic representation of their daily counts data (which we'll update as new data arrives), we provide the daily raw counts of ballots that have been mailed, the daily count of the number of ballots that have been returned, and the cumulative totals by day.  

As the OCRV notes on their website, these data are raw counts, and as such are daily estimates.

Here's our graphic that shows the main flows of ballots, which again, we will update as new data are available:

OCRV Ballot Mailing and Returns



Ramon Michael Alvarez